Red Noses clowndoctors give hope and courage to sick children. However, a smile on the little patients’ faces depends on donations.


People see a TV commercial on how to donate, but often can’t memorize the account number or the URL.

Because of that only 3.4% of donations are generated through television. Processing donations is simply too complicated.



We found an innovative solution, making donations to Red Noses easier than ever: via the digital TV connection. With the touch of a button and no media break.

Just like that, we turned the red button on the A1 remote control into a red nose. As easy as this, a touch of the button becomes a donation of 2 Euros to Red Noses.

The amount is charged off the viewer’s monthly A1 TV bill.

TV spots and cut-ins invite to press the red button, or more specifically, the red nose, and bring joy to a sick child.